Sunday, December 6, 2009

DAAD Long-term Research Grants for Doctoral Studies

Target group for research grants :excellently-qualified teaching staff from universities researchers from research institutions in any field of study/research applicants from private sectors with at least two years of working experienceNote: Any teaching staff predominantly or exclusively involved in non-degree programs are not eligible.
Research grants can be used to carry out :research projects at a German higher education institution for the purpose of gaining a doctorate in Indonesia (according to the “DAAD Sandwich Model” – see annex 3) , age limit of 35 at the time of application research projects at a German university for the purpose of gaining a doctorate in Germany , age limit of 31 at the time of application
Scholarship durationThe length of the grant is set by the grant committee during the selection depending on the project in question and on the applicant’s work schedule. In the case of full doctoral programs in Germany the scholarship will be granted for up to three years. For sandwich scholarships, the research stay in Germany will be supported for a maximum of two years.
Support can only be provided for the completion of a full doctoral program in Germany when special support policy reasons exist. Such reasons include, for example, the lack of comparable research or academic supervision opportunities in the home country or when the doctoral topic requires several years of research in Germany. Even when support has been awarded for a full doctoral program, that award will be limited to one year at a time. Extensions of the scholarship then depend on whether or not the evaluation finds the previous award period has been successfully completed.
ValueDepending on the award holder’s academic level, the DAAD will pay a monthly award of 795 Euros (doctoral candidates) or 975 Euros (doctoral candidates with at least two year’s academic work experience) plus travel and luggage cost and a health insurance allowance. In addition to these payments, the DAAD will pay a study and research allowance.
When award holders take doctoral programs run under the “DAAD Sandwich Model” and obtain the degree at the home university the award may include the travel expenses of both academic supervisors.
RequirementsMaster Degree (S2 Degree) with minimum GPA of 3,00 (from 1-4 scale)The most important selection criterion is a convincing and well-planned research project to be completed during the stay in Germany. This Ph.D. research has to be agreed upon by a German academic supervisor at the German host university.Please attach written confirmation of the supervision by a professor in Germany commenting on your research program.It is required that doctoral candidates wishing to take a doctorate/PhD in their home country (Sandwich Program) must register for the doctorate at their home university.
Applicants must either have certified proficiency in English – TOEFL 550 points or IELTS band 6 (obtained in the last two years before application) or good German language skills.
The award of DAAD research grants is subject to an age limit for applicants of 32, respectively 36 for the sandwich program, at the beginning of the scholarship.
Applicants who have been in Germany for more than two years at the time they begin the scholarship-supported studies cannot be considered.
Special note for applicants from the medical field: The special leaflet “Additional information on DAAD-research-grants for limited, specialized medical studies” provides information on specific requirements more details :

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